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Why Organic

Fernoz took the organic path because it is the only right thing to do. We want to be part of the green movement, therefore we are proud to call ourselves a Handcrafted Organic Distillery where the True Spirits comes from.

The main purpose of this page is to inform consumers about organic products. We will also provide links and information about organic products and discuss key points as to why organic is the way to go.

For Fernoz Distillery there are many reasons why we chose to use organic produce. The first thing that probably comes to mind when the word Organic is mentioned is healthy food. Of course, it is healthier than non organic food, in our own opinion. It is also good for the environment and supports the farmers and the future of farming.

By going organic you help to reduce the toxic load that goes to the air, water, soil, and finally our bodies. Today in the U.S. we have 0.5 percent of pasture land and crop that is organic, the other 99.5 percent are acres of farm in risk of agricultural chemicals exposure.

Another large factor of why we believe in organic produce is because of the non organic industrial agriculture, which it not only pollutes the land and workers on the farm but the pesticides also affect the non-farming communities with their odorless and invisible deadly chemical. "Synthetic fertilizer drifting downstream is the main culprit for dead zones in delicate ocean environments, such as the Gulf of Mexico, where its dead zone is now larger than 22,000 square kilometers, an area larger than New Jersey, according to Science magazine, August, 2002" (anonymous, 2011).

Instead of treating the soil with ammonia and other harmful chemicals, treat the soil with organic matter. Treating the soil this way will increase the nutrients and have higher levels of antioxidant, minerals and vitamins in the organic food. Of course, the taste is a lot better and brings out all of the natural flavors compared to conventional food.

Help to support the organic farmers. Consume only organic food and drinks. Support by eating seasonal from your local farmers market.